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Stop Malicious Insiders Before They Strike

Is your organization able to stop insider threats before they begin? Do you have insider threats accounted for in your security planning?

How it Works

The key is to understand the behaviors of all the actors on a network (e.g. employees, contractors, automated processes, network-enabled devices, etc.), and identify the actors that are working outside the organizational norms. We do this by applying advanced machine learning techniques that use the network data to learn the behavior patterns of the actors and of the organization. Our technology can identify a threat even if the actor is using an unknown attack method, or is exfiltrating the data “low and slow” to avoid tripping traditional monitoring controls.


Our product monitors your network and uses machine learning to discover normal patterns of daily activity for devices, applications, and human users. Once a baseline is established, potential malicious uses of company systems can be discovered as they happen.


Each day, our software scans your network and monitors for suspicious activity. This is done without needing to install any software at the endpoint level. From there, the software acts as a 24/7 monitor on all your connected devices, applications, and users.


When suspicious behavior is detected in real-time, you are alerted immediately. You’re shown which employee is acting outside of the normal scope of his or her use of the network, and you’re able to take action immediately. There’s no better security than knowing right away.

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