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FedNetPartners is a global cybersecurity firm dedicated to providing its enterprise and government level clients with cutting-edge technology that prevents attacks from within organizations, neutralizes external threats, and safeguards data at rest.



Thycotic Software

Advanced Privilege & User Account Control


Stop hackers from gaining control of your network through privilege abuse and insecure passwords. Thycotic Software provides a suite of tools that automatically manage user accounts and assign least privilege in every case– thereby denying hackers the privileged access they need to gain control of a network. Thycotic gives you the full control over user accounts and privilege that you’ve been lacking and creates a more secure environment for your enterprise network. Thycotic Software provides a set of free tools that you can use right away to experience the benefits that Thycotic has to offer.

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Personam, Inc.

Stopping Insider Threats

Often times the biggest threat to your organization is not a hacker or an external threat, but rather an insider that already works within your perimeter. In dealing with personnel or contractors, it can be very difficult to prevent an attack carried out by an insider. That’s where Personam can help. Personam has developed software that monitors employee behavior on company systems, developing a baseline for that employee, and alerts management when the employee’s activity is no longer consistent with that baseline. This gives you the immediate ability to prevent the employee from succeeding in stealing company data or carrying out an attack.

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Cost-Valuation, Mapping of Unencrypted Data & Data Security

InfoGPS is a dynamic company in the field of data security, enabling an enterprise to catalog and assign a value to all unencrypted data. This can give you an exact valuation for insurance purposes. InfoGPS can also help you locate all of your data within your network and know instantly who has access to it. With InfoGPS, you can spot suspicious changes in real time, and take action immediately. InfoGPS is a powerful tool for data security, and streamlines the process for valuing, locating, and securing data.

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