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Three Disciplines. Common data. One Dashboard.

InfoGPS: one dashboard– a powerful tool that provides an instant and complete snapshot of all your data and provides important information that can help you value data, locate data at rest, and prevent insider threats.


  • Exactly how much your data is worth.
  • Where your data is and who has access to it.
  • If any unencrypted data is in open folders or insecure locations on your network

InfoGPS helps you locate all data across the enterprise by file, by device, by user, by locations & by business units. See it all! Assign a Dollar Value to all data so operators, officers and directors can see the data in terms of breach costs. It classifies and calculates a Risk Score using regulatory compliance standards and makes a Risk Assessment each day.
Reduce audit costs and cycle times. Remove corporate silos and bridge compliance with security. Reduce attack surface by remediating sensitive data sets that exist in open or unencrypted files or devices. Reduce the dwell time of external bad actors or insider threats by monitoring regulated or sensitive data in real time. It’s all possible with InfoGPS!

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What Happens When I Deploy InfoGPS? from InfoGPS on Vimeo.

Stop insider threats before they strike, mitigate data loss when it occurs, and account for and value all data in your network.

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